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Fenwood Farms has organically raised chicken and it tastes the way chicken was meant to taste –
down to earth delicious.

  • Raised without antibiotics or synthetic growth promotent.
  • Certified organic by Pro-Cert
  • No chlorine used in the chilling process.
  • Fed our own exclusive feed blended with wholesome grains, corn and legumes.
  • Raised in modern buildings with clean well water without chlorine or fluorides, fresh air to breathe, and access to natural sunlight.
  • We use only 100% organic grains grown without pesticides, fungicides, herbicides or synthetic plant regulators.

Like all chicken in Ontario, Fenwood Farm chicken is grain-feed and nutritious. It is high in protein, low in fat and rich in flavour.

The Antibiotic Free chickens are raised without antibiotics and fed vitamins, minerals, probiotics and grains. The are not fed animal by-products or bakery waste. No growth proponents are added to the feed or water. The Fenwood Farm chickens are air chilled, enhancing the flavour of the meat.

Super-Nourishing Chicken Soup - This stock can be made in a large crock pot or soup pot

1 bag of Fenwood Farm legbones

4 litres pure water, cold or room temperature

¼ cup apple cider vinegar

1 strip wakame

1 large onion, skin left on, cut in quarters

2 stalks celery with leaves, coarsely chopped

2 medium carrots, coarsely chopped

2 cloves garlic, left whole

3-6 strips astragalus root

2 heaping tbsp flowering green oats

1 tsp sea salt

Let the chicken sit in the cool water and vinegar for up to an hour, adding other ingredients as they are ready. Then bring slowly to a boil and simmer on low for 6 to 24 hours. After the hours of simmering, pour the broth through a fine strainer.

  • Acidic wine or vinegar added during cooking helps to draw minerals, particularly calcium, magnesium and potassium, from the bones into the broth.
  • Starting with cold water allows better extraction of collagen/gelatin.
  • Stock will reduce as you cook it, so wait to add salt until the stock is used in another recipe to avoid excessive saltiness.
  • The longer you cook the stock, the richer and more flavourful it will be. Longer cooking also extracts beneficial minerals and nutrients from the bones.
  • The key indicator of a good stock is it gelling when cooled. While it looks unusual, the stock will liquefy again when heated. The collagen/gelatin drawn from the bones is incredibly healthy and is used to treat many intestinal and blood disorders.
  • Use the stock as a base for soup (just add whatever is desired: rice or pasta, beans, chopped vegetables), as a substitute for water when cooking rice, or as a base for savory sauces.


Wakame Seaweed is a source of Vitamin A.

Astragalus Root: Oriental herbalists have used it for centuries to maintain healthy blood sugar levels, treat coronary heart problems and lower blood pressure. Many people also use it as an overall good-health tonic to support healthy digestion and to help increase energy levels and stamina.

Flowering Green Oats: nourishes the nerves, improves circulation and stabilizes blood sugar.

For more information on the benefits of soup stock go to: http://www.jadeinstitute.com/jade/bone-broth-health-building.php

  • All the beef coming to Fenwood Farm is raised in the Simcoe Area.
  • The beef range free all year around.
  • The beef feeds mostly on grass but in the winter they are supplemented with extra grain which are not GMO free and in the summer they are supplemented with a little grain. 95% of the feed is grass. The grass and hay are organic.
  • The beef is processed by a trusted butcher, a small, family-owned business in Simcoe.

Distributed through Klassic Coconut. The Virgin Coconut Oil is cold pressed, using only freshly harvested, mature coconuts. No chemicals or preservatives have been added.

Virgin Coconut Oil is organic and is free from any trans-fatty acid and high in Medium Chain Fatty Acid.

The wonderful benefits of coconut oil include:
– reduces the risk of heart disease
– lowers cholesterol level
– reduces risk of cancer
– helps control diabetes
– increased energy level
– improves digestion and nutrient absorption
– increases metabolism
– helps lose weight
– helps prevent osteoporosis
– keeps skin soft and smooth
– prevents premature aging
– helps prevent bacterial, viral and fungal infection

As a dietary supplement: Take three to four tablespoons a day before meal. This can also be used for salads, baking and cooking.

For centuries, the Aborigines of Australia have used emu oil for:

  • moisturizing dry skin
  • temporary relief of arthritis
  • cooling sunburns, healing burns
  • reducing facial wrinkles

Suggested Uses:

  • Arthritis, Joint & Muscle Aches – Massage emu oil into affected area 3-4 times a day and/or use a compress overnight. Compress: Pour emu oil over several layers of sterile gauze backed with light plastic. The compress is then bandaged over the painful area overnight. It may be reused for several days with the daily addition of a little extra oil.
  • Eczema – Emu oil helps non active eczema by reducing the irritation and inflammation of the skin.
  • Sunburn & Frostbite – Apply emu oil immediately and it will promote healing with less pain and scarring
  • Sporting Strains – Emu oil can be used either as a general massage oil or as a liniment rub to help treat sporting strains.
  • Headache – Apply emu oil not only to the direct area of pain but also to the muscles of the neck and shoulders.
  • Hemorrhoids – Moisten a cotton swab and apply to the affected area.
  • Insect Bites, Rashes, Scrapes, Chapped Lips, Swollen Glands, Sore Throat – Apply emu oil 3-4 times a day for best results.
  • Hair, Dry Scalp, Nails, Bruises, Growing Pains – Emu Oil has excellent penetrating properties and is easily massaged into areas needing treatment.

Raw honey has anti-viral, anti-bacterial, and anti-fungal properties. It promotes body and digestive health, is a powerful antioxidant, strengthens the immune system, eliminates allergies, and is an excellent remedy for skin wounds and all types of infections. Raw honey can also stabilize blood pressure, balance sugar levels, relieve pain, calm nerves, and it has been used to treat ulcers. Raw honey is also an expectorant and anti-inflammatory and has been known to effectively treat respiratory conditions such as bronchitis and asthma.

Maple syrup is one of nature’s many wonders. It is the only product in our diet coming directly from a plant’s sap, a maple tree, and is a nutritional powerhouse.

No chemicals, no GMO’s, no antibiotics, no artificial ingredients, no added colours, no whey powder, no salt, low in total sugars and not high in fat.

Emu Oil Soap
Disinfectant soap
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