Coconut Oil

Distributed through Klassic Coconut. The Virgin Coconut Oil is cold pressed, using only freshly harvested, mature coconuts. No chemicals or preservatives have been added.

Virgin Coconut Oil is organic and is free from any trans-fatty acid and high in Medium Chain Fatty Acid.

The wonderful benefits of coconut oil include:
– reduces the risk of heart disease
– lowers cholesterol levelFenwood Farm
– reduces risk of cancer
– helps control diabetes
– increased energy level
– improves digestion and nutrient absorption
– increases metabolism
– helps lose weight
– helps prevent osteoporosis
– keeps skin soft and smooth
– prevents premature aging
– helps prevent bacterial, viral and fungal infection

As a dietary supplement: Take three to four tablespoons a day before meal. This can also be used for salads, baking and cooking.

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